Vinayak Agrawal

Lake Taho

At Lake Taho

I am an engineer by education, passion, diligence and dedication. My name is Vinayak Agrawal and I am working with IBM as a Big Data Developer. I graduated with a Masters Degree in Information Technology from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. I love Science and Technology because its intriguing, challenging and interesting. My biggest motivation for learning science is that every day you get to learn something new since there is so much to learn. My Journey in science started after reading about Nikola Tesla and his idea of wireless electricity. Honestly, it felt like magic to see and read about it. After that I have spent many years reading, learning and practicing Science and technology.

Apart from work, I like to learn different things and try extreme sports. I am a peace lover who believes that peace and green earth is utopia. My unreachable goal is to learn everything about everything and I pursue that goal everyday.


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